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Critics’ opinions
  • <<Performing Scarlatti, Bach, Tarrega, Villa Loos, Beccuti, Sor, Paganini, Rossini, Albeniz e Lauro pieces, Giuseppe Torrisi with his guitar highlighted considerable mastery, clear and dense sound, strong interpretative qualities.
    (Agimus, news: "Strumenti e musica" - Giugno 1987 ).

  • <<..The audience applauded for a long time showing a great appreciation particularly for the version of G.Rossini ‘s "Tarantella Napoletana" and of the south-American N. Azevedo’s "Brasilerinho". This two pieces highlighted the remarkable virtuosity gift of the guitarist, and showed how the guitar is fit for the execution of any musical arrangement.
    ( Newspaper La Sicilia" - G.F.)
  • <<…With great sensitivity which, up till now, hasn’t been shown in other local guitarists colleagues…. A considerable instrumental mastery,… a great sound,… the exuberance and the brio which caught the whole audience…
    (Newspaper La Sicilia" - Niny Ganguzza).
  • <<…We appreciated some beautiful musical arrangements carried out by the same interpreter. These highlighted the high transcription vein of the guitarist…
    (Newspaper La Sicilia" - G.F.)
  • <<…The elegant style that he has build, so neat and clear, is getting better every day. He is a skilful performer, with authentic virtuous gift…
    (Newspaper La Sicilia" - Mario Bruno)
  • <<...Playing with extreme precision, fading delicately, performing finely, Torrisi has shown to be really a high level guitarist…
    (Newspaper WOLFSBURGER NACHRICHTE -, 23 Feb 2004)



Mon. Feb. 23 2004
Sicilians show artistic temperament with the guitar
Giuseppe Torrisi, carried the audience away to the southern countries…
He has been invited to perform a concert from the “Italian Institute of Culture”, and the “Foreigner Office”.
On Friday evening, with his performance, Giuseppe Torrisi turned the Garden Hall of the castle in an “Italian Entertainment” Hall.
Torrisi is a guitarist and a mandolin player and awarded the special “Show Prize”. A large audience crowded out the hall since the beginning of the concert.
Torrisi started with these Neapolitan famous pieces: "Te voglio bene assaje" e "Fenesta ca lucive",
"Voce 'e notte", "Torna a Surriento" (E. De Curtis), "Malafemmena" (Totò), "'O
Marenariello" (Gambardella), and the most famous "Funiculì-Funiculà" (Denza) and other five popular melodies.
Playing with extreme precision, fading delicately, performing finely, Torrisi has shown to be a really high level guitarist.
Afterwards the virtual trip continued in Spain with two pieces: “Recuerdos de la Alhambra" (Tarrega) and "Malaguena" (Lecuona).
The following virtual place, was Sicily: Torrisi performed five popular pieces "Mi votu e mi rivotu", "Biancuccia" (Gioviale), "Variazioni su un motivo", "Vitti 'na crozza" e "Tarantella Siciliana", all pieces transcribed for guitar by the same performer.
The last “halt” of this imaginary trip was the south America, with virtuos renowned Latin American tunes, such as "Moliendo Cafè" (Manzo), "Tico-Tico" (Abreu), "Delicado" e "Brasileirinho" (Azevedo both), Torrisi showed off brilliantly all the technical potential of the guitar, earning warm applauses.
The audience asked for some encores, which the guitarist widely fulfilled performing three pieces including the “vibrate” piece drawn from the film “The Third Man” which stirred up a thrilling emotion.



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